Fixed IP SIMs

We supply 3G and 4G Public Static IP SIM cards, that are ideal for Dual WAN internet failover solutions, mobile 4G CCTV, or secure IPSEC VPN’s using Main Mode.

Why do I need a Public Static IP SIM?

The UK mobile networks provide dynamic,  private IP address assignments to 3G/4G devices which in most cases are perfectly adequate for home and general business use. A standard Mobile Broadband SIM is routed through a NAT firewall in the mobile networks data centre, which adds security but also restricts the ability to connect to your 3G/4G device from the Internet.

We can supply a fixed IP SIMs starting with just 1GB data allowance. Other tariffs include 3GB, 5GB, 16GB and up to over 1TB with 4G tariffs. Please call 020 8819 8550, option 2 for pricing and tariff details.


Other Fixed IP SIM Applications:

• 3G / 4G Failover Internet connections
• Secure remote management
• SMTP mail server
• Site-to-site 4G connections
• Digital Media / Advertising
• Access to IP CCTV cameras
• Vehicle telemetry systems
• Fleet management systems
• Retail POS systems
• Vending machines

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