Dual WAN 3G/4G Failover

Businesses are reliant on a working internet connection. An ADSL / or FTTC connection is a good solution, but it doesn’t offer full protection. If road works sever the BT cable between your business and the BT exchange, your fixed line Internet will fail and it could takes weeks to restore connection.

We provide high availability dual WAN 4G failover solutions that use 3G or 4G ‘Wireless’ Broadband as the secondary connection. This is a robust solution as wireless broadband provides a diverse path to the internet, compared to a secondary ADSL or FTTC connection that shares cables in the same road and potentially the same ATM DSLAM in the exchange.

Dual WAN 4G failover is completely automated – you won’t need to re-configure your computers to use the wireless broadband connection if your fixed line connection fails. The connection can be configured to auto-failback, when the primary connection is restored.

Applications for 4G Failover

– Retail 4G failover, keep your stores payment terminals and email operational when your primary Internet is down.
– Businesses that use Cloud-based services depend on a working Internet connection.
– VOIP – if your business used Voice Over IP telephones, a failed Internet could mean your phones stop working.

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