3G and 4G technology provides remote 3G & 4G CCTV access to IP camera / DVR systems in locations where fixed line access is not available – ideal for mobile rapid deployment CCTV systems. 4G combined with an advanced codec like H.264 / H.265 can provide high quality images at reasonable frame rates and virtually no lag. We supply public static IP 3G or 4G SIMs and an embedded 3G/4G capable router suitable for your Mobile 4G CCTV application.


There are a few key points to consider when planning remote 4G CCTV access:

  •  The UK mobile networks provide private, dynamic IP addresses which cannot be accessed from the Internet (access is blocked by NAT firewalls). You will need a public static IP address to successfully implement 3G / 4G CCTV access.
  • You must select a provider with good network upload speed for high frame rates and better image quality. We can assist and recommend the best network at the installation location.
  • You may require an external antenna to maximise throughput on your 4G connection.
  • Select a 4G router best suited for your application.

We can pre-configure the 4G router with any port forwarding requirements you have before despatch.

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