Connected hardware solutions – 3G / 4G router, antennas and accessories

Nucleus Networks can deliver the broadest range of 3G & 4G router, supported with relevant accessories to ensure optimum signal strength and prime location.

The choice of router very much depends upon its use – whether office or field based, mobile or static. Further considerations include the need for a more ruggedised build when used in industrial or extreme conditions, and also factors such as temperature and general environment. The team at Nucleus can guide you to the most relevant brands/models once an audit of the router’s location is confirmed.

All 4G routers can arrive pre-configured, with port-forwarding requirements, or other defined commands. For further information on connectivity options, click SIM Connectivity.

The power of mobile connectivity

Today, connecting online via 3G / 4G is common place. Gone are the days of hugely inflated connectivity costs. The reality is that economically, cellular communication can be on a par with ADSL, when all factors are considered.

  • Ideal for accessing remote sites where fixed line is not possible – simply plugin, connect and get online
  • Avoid hefty costs of fixed line installation. And the inevitable delays
  • Expect to be up and ready to go in a number of days
  • Redeploy to other assignments once the initial project concludes
  • More flexibility and security with Static IP and opex-based private infrastructure overlay as required.

3G & 4G routers

For a comprehensive comparison guide, click on the link below. This will take you to the Nucleus Network shop. Only purchase if you know your precise specifications and requirements. Ideally, by talking through your intended application, we can steer you to the right solution and ensure best value and best fit. You will see the following brands – Encore, Teltonika, Sierra Wireless, Billion, Inhand Networks, Draytek.

To view our range of routers click here.

3G and 4G antennas

If your application requires maximum resilience and throughput, it’s likely that an external antenna may be required to assure best signal strength. We can also guide on connection cables and connector types. This can all be delivered ready to install, with no additional assembly required.

To view our range of antennas click here.