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3G Internet Modem USB 3G

3G Internet access is becoming a popular way to connect your PC to the Internet, now that prices have reduced to affordable levels. There other advantages too - 3G Internet connections do not require a telephone land line for installation like ADSL connections. Simply plug in a 3G USB Modem in your laptop and Surf the Internet!

3G Internet Providers

We have compiled an independent comparison of the 3G Internet providers & tariffs available on the market, detailing PC and Mac compatibility and support for features such as Skype.3G Internet Access

Please click this Mobile Broadband link to view a comparison...it was too big to fit on this page. It also lists features such as 3G speed and Skype support.

If you are having problems with your 3G Internet access, we are here to help. We can offer home-visit assistance with software driver problems etc and will ensure you have sufficient firewall and antivirus protection to keep your computer safe while you surf. Our home-visit service is available to customers living in Kingston upon Thames, Richmond and surrounding areas.

If you are not local, here are some useful support page links to help you resolve your 3 G problems:

3 3G Internet Access   3 Mobile support

Vodafone 3G Internet Access   Vodafone support

T-Mobile 3G Internet Access   T-Mobile support

O2   O2 support

Orange   Orange support


Please click this link for more information on protecting your PC's using antivirus & firewall software.

3G Wireless Internet

Did you know that you can share your 3G Internet connection with other computers on a home wireless network, just like you can with ADSL?Billion BPAC 7300GX

Nucleus Networks can re-configure your home computers to share your 3G connection and install the necessary hardware (if required). Sharing your connection will maximise the use of your 3G Broadband. Click on the 3G Router link for a list of routers.

We also offer 3G Internet access solutions for business. Please click this link for more information on our solutions.


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