3G & 4G Router Specialists

Nucleus Networks are a specialist 3G / 4G router value-added reseller who design GPRS & 3G  network solutions for applications including Outdoor Digital Media, 3G Mobile CCTV, vending machines, point of sale, 3G Failover network resilience and remote site monitoring. We have a an excellent range of 3G routers hardware platforms and 3G tariffs available, so we can create a bespoke solution that meets your performance and reliability targets on budget.

With a wide range of experience covering many applications, we are here to help if you require advice implementing a GPRS or 3G-based network solution:

Mobile CCTV & 3G CCTV wireless network solutions.
Dual WAN diverse Internet links provide resilient connections via 3G/4G wireless.
- Monitor remote hardware - if it has an RS232 or Ethernet port, we can connect you.
- Temporary installations, where installing ADSL Broadband is not an option.
- We have a 3G router suitable for most applications.

Please call if you don't see your applications listed - there are too many to list.

Mobile CCTV & 4G CCTV

3G and 4G technology can provide remote Mobile CCTV access to IP camera systems in locations where fixed line access is not available - ideal for mobile rapid deployment CCTV systems. 4G combined with an advanced codec like H.264 can provide high quality images at reasonable frame rates and virtually no lag. We can supply static IP 3G or 4G SIMs and supply an embedded 3G/4G capable router suitable for your Mobile CCTV application.

You do not have to understand 3G wireless networking to deploy a 3G Mobile CCTV installation - we can pre-configure the 3G router with any port forwarding requirements you have before we dispatch.

The 3G mobile CCTV revolution has begun!

3G / 4G with Public Static IP

We can supply 3G and 4G Broadband SIM cards with static IP address assignments, that are ideal for Dual WAN internet failover solutions, mobile CCTV, or secure remote management of your office systems. Please look at our 3G static IP page or contact us on 0800 3277 923 option 2 for further information.

3G Broadband

View deals in our guide that looks at Mobile Broadband speeds & features from the UK 3G providers:

                           3 Mobile Broadband          Mobile Broadband          3G Broadband          Mobile Broadband O2          3G Tariffs          Virgin 3G Broadband

                           3 Mobile          Vodafone          T-Mobile               O2                 Orange             Virgin

3 Mobile, Vodafone,  T-Mobile and Orange have a great portfolio of 3G Broadband products available and O2 and Virgin have joined the race releasing their own 3G USB modems. We have two 3G Broadband guides; one for consumers and one for business users, where you can see all the contract and 3G Pay As You Go tariffs. Please remember to check 3G coverage in our list of 3G coverage maps before you buy.

For those on a tight budget, 3G Pay As You Go Mobile Broadband (also known as PAYG Mobile Broadband) may provide an alternative to ADSL, as no landline is required - further reducing monthly operating costs. If you are able to commit to a contract, many of the uk networks will supply a free 3G dongle as part of the package. 3 Mobile Broadband seem to be leading the way on value packages, with 5GB available for just 15 per month including free USB modem.

3G Router / 3G Wireless / Mobile Broadband Router

If you want to share your 3G USB modem via wireless, look at our 3G Compatibility chart and choose a 3G wireless router (or Mobile Broadband router) compatible the 3G USB modems available from 3 Mobile, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Orange and O2. 3G Router are compatible with both 3G Pay As You Go and standard 3G Broadband contracts.

Sharing your Mobile Broadband could never be easier - we will send you a copy of our step-by-step Billion 3G router setup guide when you buy from our online 3G shop. The Mobile Broadband router guide shows you how to configure a wireless network including WPA security and the correct 3G Broadband dongle settings for your network.

  3 USB Stick Black (E169)       3 USB Stick White (E169)       3 3G USB modem (ZTE MF622)       3 3G USB modem (E220) HSDPA       Vodafone 3G USB modem (E220)       Vodafone 3G USB Stick (E272)       Orange 3G USB modem (Option Icon 225)       3G Pay As You Go - 3G modem

We like the
Billion BiPAC 7402GXL HSDPA 3G router, it is feature packed and reasonably priced. Click on any of the 3G routers below to view detailed product information, technical specifications and 3G device compatibility.

         BiPAC 7402GXL - Mobile Broadband Router                BiPAC 7402NX Dual WAN Wireless N 3G Router                BiPAC 7800GZ         Globesurfer III

The Billion 7402NX, Option Globesurfer II and Digi Wi-Point 3G are aimed at business or power users, rather than home use and this is reflected in their capabilities and price.

We also stock the following 3G router:

Digi ConnectPort WAN VPN
Draytek 2820n
Sarian HR4420
Sierra Raven XE
Sierra PinPoint X
Teltonika RUT104

Broadband Comparison

If you want to subscribe to Broadband, view our recommendations for Broadband Internet in London and surrounding areas in our mini Broadband comparison. Our broadband comparison includes popular ADSL Broadband and Cable Broadband options including Be There Broadband, O2 Broadband and Sky Broadband. You can compare broadband download speeds, download limits and contract length before buying. If in doubt, please contact us to discuss your broadband requirements and we'll recommend the best ISP for you depending on the intended use.

                              Be There Broadband                     O2 Broadband in London                     Cable Broadband London                     Sky Broadband London
                       Be There Broadband          O2 Broadband            Virgin Media Cable            Sky Broadband

Wireless Router Help

ADSL broadband is widely available throughout the UK and most ISPs are shipping wireless routers as standard. If you already have a Wireless Broadband connection and are having trouble setting up your wireless network, we can help. For a small fee, we will visit your house and re-configure your computers to connect with the wireless router. If you have Cable Broadband and want to share it using wireless, we can install and configure a Cable wireless router that connects to your existing Virgin Media or NTL cable modem.

Do I need to upgrade or replace my Wireless Router or Cable Wireless Router?

You may question the need to replace your current wireless router, if it was supplied free of charge as part of your Broadband package. Technology is moving forward all the time and improvements in both ADSL and wireless LAN chips often allow faster speeds to be achieved by simply swapping to more modern hardware. For example, Billion's range of wireless ADSL routers are an excellent choice if you live a long way from the BT exchange.                          
                        Wireless Router - BiPAC 7800N                   
BiPAC 7300G Wireless Router                    BiPAC 7300G with USB Wireless Adapter                  

What is 802.11n Wireless, is it better than 802.11b/g?

802.11n wireless (also known as Wireless N) is the latest developing standard, which allows speeds up to 300Mbit/sec compared to typical speeds of 54Mbit/sec for 802.11g wireless. 802.11n also provides better coverage than 802.11g wireless by using a combination of three antennas together with clever software inside the wireless router. It won't make your broadband connection any quicker, but it will allow you to copy files around your wireless network at a faster speeds.

You can view our ADSL & Cable wireless router recommendations on our wireless router page, which includes routers compatible with Be There & 02 broadband.

Home User Computer Support

Nucleus Networks don't just cater for business customers, we also offer computer help for home users. If your Internet browser homepage has changed to another address by itself, or if your Broadband seems slower than it used to be, there is a good chance you have been infected with Viruses, Spyware, or Adware. We have good experience in computer Virus removal, Spyware removal, Adware removal and other Internet annoyances like Popups.

Nucleus Networks provide cost effective home-visit PC repair service in Kingston upon Thames and surrounding areas. We can fix hardware faults on your tower or desktop PC, or remove viruses from infected PC's, then fortify against future infection by installing a leading Antivirus software package with Firewall protection.

If your children use your computer, or have one of their own, you may want to restrict their access to certain web sites. This process is known as Parental Controls or Internet Content Filtering. We can install and configure Parental Controls to give you peace of mind when your children are surfing the Internet.

If you have other general hardware and software support issues we can help too. We can upgrade your hard disk space, add extra memory, resolve your wireless networking problems or install a 3 G Mobile Broadband router.

Areas covered for PC Repair and Computer Support:

Kingston upon Thames
Richmond upon Thames
New Malden

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